Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How To Curl Your Hair

I have been curling my hair for years, I prefer curls versus my natural straight hair. I just started using a curling iron/straightener set from Brilliance New York and I absolutely love it! The curls last, unlike when I use other curling irons that the curls fall out as soon as I walk outside. 

Here is how I curl my hair.

First, I prefer to wash my hair the day before or the night before and blow dry it. I'll add a heat protectant spray first, just got Orlando Pita Play from my Fab Fit Fun box. Then the next day my hair looks better and will hold the curl more. I add some dry shampoo, currently using Living Proof - I love the smell of this one. Then I'll spray some hair spray, using Living Proof as well. Then I put half of my hair up in a clip and curl the bottom part first. I use the straightener to straighten out my bangs.  Using the wand is pretty easy and it comes with a glove, so you don't burn your hands. Then I curl the top part and spray hair spray as I'm going in each section and then add hair spray all over once it's all curled. 

I literally curled my hair on Sunday and my hair was still curled on Tuesday, which has never happened before with any other curling iron. I just add dry shampoo to my roots and hair spray all over. 

Needless to say I will be curling my hair more often now that I have this curling iron and it works so well. 

Oh and about the dress, this is my third color in this style, a little obsessed with it! It's so easy to throw on and it's so transitional for all seasons especially if you live in a state that has mild winters.

Would like me to do a video hair tutorial, leave me a comment :)

Happy Hump Day!!

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