Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Skin Care Routine with Clarisonic Mia 1 & Her Campus

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Happy Wednesday and thank you for stopping by today!

Let's get right to it and talk about skin care and how to keep our faces clean and acne free. Did you know that June is acne awareness month?! I just found out too and I'm doing everything to keep the acne away!

That being said..

Clarisonic gave me the Clarisonic Mia 1 to try for a product review for my blog. I have been using it for the last two weeks and I absolutely love it! My skin has never been so clean, soft, and radiant. I have had a glow and it's not the Florida humidity, Lol! They also gave me the Acne Head Brush, which I can switch back and forth between that and the regular cleansing brush. This device has really helped my acne, yes I have adult acne and I think partly it's because makeup doesn't fully wash off of my face with regular washing. That problem has been solved with the Clarisonic Mia 1, it  really gets all of the makeup and dirt off my face, because it cleans makeup off six times better than just with hands! My skin is a lot smoother and I noticed that blemishes have gone away too, less redness on my face. I like using the acne brush at night to really get all of the makeup and dirt off and the regular brush in the morning to give me a nice glow for the rest of the day. 

I also want to share that it is so easy to use.  I wet the brush, add cleanser ( they also sent me the pore and blemish gel cleanser, which works very well for acne ), and then move it in circles all over your face for a few minutes. Super easy and effective! Whenever I just use my hands I notice that the makeup doesn't always come off and sometimes I have to wash my face twice, which then just dries out my skin. With the Clarisonic Mia 1, all of the makeup and dirt came off so easy and it literally felt like I was getting a facial everyday! It's light and portable, so very easy to travel with too.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants clear radiant skin! And guess what?! Her Campus Community is giving 15% off to my readers with code HERCAMPUS. Here is the link, .


  1. Looks like a great product! Your skincare routine sounds easy. Right up my alley. I’ll have to try it!

  2. Love it!!! I’ll have to try it out!


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