Friday, January 27, 2017

Sweatshirt Dress!

Dress: Fabletics // Shoes: Nikes

My local mall just opened a Fabletics store and I'm super excited about it! I'm a member online, but now it's so easy to just go in the store to try stuff on. Oversized sweatshirts worn as dresses seem to be trending in LA, remember Kim Kardashian was wearing one a couple of months ago when she went out to get ice cream with her BFF Jonathan? Well my boyfriend wanted me to get an oversized sweatshirt and wear it as a dress, but I was like I could never pull that off, especially in Clearwater, Florida. I did like the look though, so when I saw this at Fabletics I was all over it! And it's way more flattering than an XL Mens sweatshirt. It does run big, so go down in size (wearing a XS). You can also wear this with booties or heels, it actually looks better than the sneakers, in my opinion.

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